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CNerd Inc
Hobby Business Fun
Other Business
2001 - Present
CEO, Founder
Microsoft Gold Solutions Provider
Borland DevExpress Developer
Live Remote Support
Network Topology/Development
Cisco, Microsoft, NT, Linux, Novell, Trainer
Server Management
Windows NT, 2000, 2003, Linux, Unix, SUSE, uBuntu
Database Engineering
Microsoft SQL, Access, MySQL, Pervasive
Software Engineering
Visual Basic, Java, C, Delphi
CNC Robotics and Machining
Bostomatic, GE Fanuc, Laser Engravers, CNC Trainer 3 Axis, 4 Axis, 5 Axis Development and Protyping
Mechanics, Piping, Production Mangement
Internet Development
Dream Weaver, Front Page, Visual Studio
Internet Services
Hosting, DNSing, Mail, Firewall, RAS
Intenet Security
Firewall, Hacking, Virtual Private Networks
Other Partners
CCE Software
1996 - Present
Strategic Business Developer
Business eTouch LLC
1996 - 2001
CEO, Founder (Consumed by CNerd Inc)
Developers of eTouchDB
(Microsoft Server Certified)
1992 - 2002
CEO, Founder (Consumed by CNerd Inc)
(Microsoft Gold Certified)
Community NET LLC
1996 - 2000
CEO, Founder (Sold to NetSync)
Olean, NY first ISP
Sample Business Applications
Live Animated Radar (click image)
Out of memory of my dad who passed away in 2004. I have my mini backhoe tractor where I have built small ponds and waterfalls as an outdoor hobby to get off my computer butt. Here are a few projects that I enjoyed building with my family. See below for more details...
Winter Scene 1
Winter Scene 2
Radiant Flooring 1
Radiant Flooring 2
Hydraulic 12" Hole Digging
Radiant Hookup
Radiant Pour
History of my Backhoe
One of my fathers dream was to own his own backhoe and in Janurary of 2002 myself and my dad went to pickup out his dream tonka toy. I have never seen my dad act like such a little boy when ordering his toy and when I seen him operate it for the first time, his smiles was worth every penny spent. He was able to enjoy playing with the backhoe for a few months before he passed away with agressive Cancer. So, now I have my backhoe in remerbence of him and when not working with the computers I like to help my friends and family with any light duty backhoe work and just being outside where if I can help others as would my father have done.
To my Dad, you will be dearly missed and I promise to keep it greased and in good shape for you! Your grandchildren Monica and Renee loving riding your tonka toy! Love you!
Furniture Building/Engraving
Here is another Christmas present for the Lisa and Gary Whitmarsh, Sister in Law of a blanket chest with cedar inside lining built out of soft maple and walnet accents. The panels were laser engraved with a "W" at boths ends and farm landscape in the middle.
Patent Pending Inventions
Bottomless Laser Engraver
United States Patent 20070035777

Laser Engraving/Machining
2002 - Present
25 Watt Laser Engraving
Marble, Sand Blasting
Custom Hardwood Inlays
3D Robotics Machining
Below is a rainbow trout machined out of one 5/4 oak with a home made 3 Axis Router. Pic1 shows finished piece, Pic 2 shows the 3ft x 3ft Home Made 3 axis router and Pic3 shows a close up if the inital cut aways from teh oak before the final finish machining with a 1/4 ball end mill.
Furniture Building/Engraving
Wine rack Christmas present made from oak and laser engraver patterns to set off the wine rack designs.

About Michael Kintner and Family Show Business Adventures Show Education Studies and Reseach Show Interests and Findings Here is how you get in contact with Me.
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