IT660-0802B-01 - Group Project

CTU Class Details

CS362-0604B-02 : Structured Query Language for Data Management

CS467-0604A-03 : Software Engineering Methods

IT405-0604A-04 : Information Technology Architectures

MPM422-0701A-01 : Managing the Project Lifecycle

CS475-0701B-03 : Object-Oriented Methods

IT483-0702A-03 : Software Engineering I

IT484-0702B-02 : Software Engineering II


IT642-0802A-01 : Network Administraion

IT660-0802B-01 Information Technology Systems Development

IT662-0803A-01 Information Technology Systems Implementation

MPM650-0803B-03 Project Management Processes in Organizations

MPM655-0804A-02 Project Planning, Execution and Closure

MPM660-0804B-02 Project Schedule and Cost Control